Our Story

The beginning was at LINTAS where we got an INSIGHT into Marketing Communications & Advertising. Over the years we have traversed ADLAND and learnt quite a handful of ADTECHNIQUES but smart enough to know that ADWORK alone does not make brands hit the GOLDMARK. So, despite the HOTSHOPPE and other cold shops we set up company because we see a lot of MERYT in scheme activities and not just placing ads across the CENTRESPREAD. Currently, our office is not a CAMPAIGN PALACE neither are we in RICHLAND nor do we work on EMINENT brands, however we don’t need ANGELS or a VISION to tell us that maxi-marketing is where the future lies. The NUCLEUS of our being is the realisation that The Way To PRECISION is not to be BRAINY BRAGS of HUNTERS without direction but to ensure that from SUNRISE to break of DAWN, we FUNCTION as epicentre of profit motivated initiatives to multi clients in diverse markets. Our clients tell us that we are certainly not just a PAL but looks like we have the FRANCHISE on ideas as the TALL & WIDE approach is not the usual MULTI-MEDIA, but a passionate QUEST to prevent brand performance from bringing Sorrow Tears & Blood. Now, if you think we are hitting below – the – line, please read between the lines. But if you think this is smart. SO are U.